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Alpha Security Bureau License ID #11000178017
Silent Security Alarms License #12000063280
Licensed by the Division of Licenses Services in New York State & by The Division of Criminal Justice Services

Reliable Security Training in Syracuse, NY

Alpha Security Bureau training is licensed through New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service. At Alpha Security Bureau, we will instruct you on how to protect your assets by understanding and using proven techniques to protect your life along with your property. Register with us today for a career in security by calling us at (844) 482-7370 and signing up. Invest in yourself by investing in Alpha Security Training. You will undergo a 8 hour pre-assignment and conclude with a 16 hour hands on job training. Our extensive and premier training program will ensure that you have the tools and knowledge for a successful security guard career.

47-Hour Armed Guard Fire Arms Training Course Coming Soon!

The Process: Prepare Today, Work Tomorrow!

  • You will undergo a three-part training process that's been mandated by the Security Guard Act of 1992.

Special Deal

  • 8 Hour Pre- Assignment 16 Hour On the Job Training course With (CPR, Defibrillator, First Aid & Pediatric) Certification - $240 (valued at $390) saving you $150
  • CPR Training, Adult and Pediatric Defibrillator & First Aid - $78
  • 8 Hour Pre- Assignment Training course - $75 - Certificate Same Day
    1. The first part of the course is required by law by the state of New York in order to proceed to receive your security guard registration card. Once you've passed this portion of the course, you can then register with the New York State Department of State. In this class, you will learn more in depth information on the role of security guards, legal powers, limitations/information, what to do in emergencies, communication and public relations information, access control and the ethics and code of conducts.
  • 16 Hour On the Job Training Course - $150 - Two Day Course
    1. This portion of training must be completed within 90 days of your start day of becoming a security card. This course will go over in detail the job, duties and what's expected of security guards.
  • 8 Hour Annual In Service Training - $75 - Certificate Same Day
    1. Finally, this course must be finished within 12 calendar days from step 2 ( 8 hour on the job training course.) This is meant to be a refresher as well as give vital information pertaining to security guards.
Security Guard - Security System in Syracuse, NY
CCTV footage -  Security Guard - Security System in Syracuse, NY

We Protect

  • Retail Establishments
  • Residential Properties
  • Construction Sites
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Community Events
  • & More!

We Do Not Guarantee Employment