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Security Services from Experienced Professionals

It's time to take control of your safety and security. It's time to call Alpha Security Bureau. With our impressive range of security services, we offer everything you need to keep you and those around you free from harm. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Custom Security Plans

You deserve peace of mind, and we're determined to make that your reality. When we consult with you, we'll take in all the pertinent information about your present situation and design a custom security plan that addresses all your safety concerns and needs. You'll feel at ease knowing that Alpha Security Bureau has your back.

Security Guard

Security Guards

Security guards are not known for their hands-on approach. Instead, they simply observe crimes and violations happening. Their role is to use their presence as a deterrent and call the police when an issue arises or a threat appears. However, without someone to physically stop a threat, it ends up costing more of your hard-earned money as you must pay for detection, deterrence, and reporting. And, by this point, it's usually too late—you may already be a victim.


  • Inexpensive


  • No Protection from Physical Threats or Altercations
  • High Turnover Rate
  • Minimum Wage Employees with Access to Your Passcodes & Keys
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Don't Physically Remove Threats from Your Facility
  • No Training Beyond State Minimums

Security Officer

Security Officers

At Alpha Security Bureau, we're more than security guards; we're security officers. And as officers, we handle all security threats on your property. We produce a higher level of deterrence by ensuring that our security officers are outfitted with all the necessary equipment. Our officers wear standard tactical pants and black boots, creating a commanding presence that demands a higher level of respect. We're not there for decoration—we're there to protect.


  • Do Everything in our Power to Keep You From Being a Victim
  • Do Everything in our Power to Let You Go Home to Your Loved Ones
  • Higher Level of Professionalism & Commanding Presence
  • Higher Level of Protection
  • No Minimum Wage Employees—This is Their Career, Not Just Their Job
  • Monthly Training Over & Above New York State Standards
  • Rival the Skills of Law Enforcement without the Sworn-In Title

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Asset ProtectION plan

Are You Prepared With your Receipts And Pictures Of Your Valuables? Is The Information Stored In A Safe Place That Is Fire OR WaterProof? 

Let Alpha Security Bureau Speak For You And File Your Home Owners Insurance Claim. Burglaries, Fires, Natural Disasters. Between Booking A Hotel, Working, Picking Up The Kids And Now You Have To Look For Documents To Make A Claim Lets Not Forget About Dinner!!!

Let Us Take Care Of That For You

Only $12.99 a month with or $11.99 for 3 months $35.97

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Safe Then Sorry, Don't Be Sorry


Our team works for you. All information is confidential. We do everything legally possible to obtain the evidence you need. 24 Hour Service, Competitive Rates. Accurate Reporting, Audio / Video, Prompt Turn Around*


• Domestic Investigations, Cheating Partner, Divorce, Child Custody, Family Court Matters
• Insurance, Workers Compensation, Disability
• Employer / Employee Concerns
• Alive and Well Checks, People Locate / Skip Trace
• Background / DMV Checks
• Neighborhood Canvass, Statements
• Process Serving, Document Pick Up,

Serving: Oneida, Onondaga, Madison, Oswego, Herkimer, Chenango, Lewis Counties (others on request)


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