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Alpha Security Bureau License ID #11000178017
Silent Security Alarms License #12000063280
Licensed by the Division of Licenses Services in New York State & by The Division of Criminal Justice Services

Safe & Secure Security Guards & Alarm Systems in Syracuse, NY

At Alpha Security Bureau, we provide comprehensive protection services for businesses of all sizes in need of quality alarm systems and alert security guards. We secure all the properties and events we serve with expertise and affordable rates. With our excellent customer service, we provide a one-contact source for all of the safety and security systems you need. You can rest assure that our team will deliver personalized customer care during all your interactions with us.
Our security guards are highly trained and experienced, and we take the time to do all of the training and background checks so that you do not have to. Our security alarms and guards offer protection for retail establishments, residential properties, construction sites, corporate buildings and community events.
Laptop and Smartphone with Home Security System - Alarms in Syracuse, NY

Security Guard holding Walkie- Alarms in Syracuse, NY
We can help you plan for a large crowd and provide the security and crowd control that your property or event demands. Our professionals are also able to assist you in training your own staff. By helping your staff learn how to recognize safety hazards, you can be prepared for any type of urgent situation that might occur on your property or at a special event.
Our team at Alpha Security Bureau has a custom solution to fit your security needs. Whether you need one nighttime security guard or a high-tech security system that can alert the police about unauthorized activity, we are here to help. We will work with you to devise solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations for convenience, effectiveness and efficiency. Call us today at (844) 482-7370 to get a free quote for the security services your home or business needs.